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fact & fiction
you put the boom-boom into my heart
8th-Jan-2017 06:36 pm - Friends Only
gaga} colorsmear

Comment to be added, especially if you haven't held an account for very long. Please let me know where you know me from and/or why you'd like to add me. Thanks.

If you're just looking for...
27th-Sep-2016 05:09 pm - This post is a good idea.
gaga} colorsmear
Hey you, to whom it may concern, what's up?

If you're just passing through, or looking me up, or maybe you took a wrong turn at Google, but whatever, leave me something while you're here.

A quote, or a song lyric, or a picture, or something you've been thinking about lately, or a story idea or a poem. Whatever, just whatever's in your head, I kinda wanna know about it.

This is mostly to give me possible writing prompts for things, but also for all of you. If anyone sees something cool and wants to do something with it, go for it.

ALSO. I give blanket permission to anyone who wants to podfic anything I've written. Same goes for art or remix or fanmix or ebook or...whatever. Go for it, just let me know! ETA 7/11/12: Please keep whatever work you create within fandom and fandom only, because The Man just seriously brings me down.
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