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DYW 2013

Hey author!! You're great. Thanks for coming.

First off, thanks for writing something for me, and I'm really not being facetious when I say that I'm really grateful and that I will enjoy anything you come up with. I think it's really cool to get a story that someone worked on specifically for me, and so hands down I will probably really dig it.

Now, nitty gritty stuff (and I hope you'll excuse me, but I'm copying parts of this from my Tag Exchange letter, sorry about the exclamation points):

:: Rape, non-consensual anything, including messed up power dynamics in which somebody is pressured into consenting (like teacher/student, that sort of thing), any of those related kinks, please no
:: I'm not really into straight up porn. Like porn is great, who doesn't like sexytimes, but I'm more interested in plot and character, generally, just FYI
:: Some tropes I don't really enjoy: apocalypse/end of the world (I know, I'm like the ONLY one), BDSM AUs, A/B/O, "gay for only you," coming out/angst about being queer storylines, over the top candy fluff where there are no problems, um. Yeah, I can't think of anything else.

:: Rule 63! I love it. Love it to death. Especially when you take a dude and turn him into a lady. And you turn that het ship into a queer ship. Awesome.
:: Love story tropes! Romantic comedy tropes! When they're done well I can't get enough of them.
:: Humor!
:: Crossovers (specifically fusions)!
:: Happy endings!
:: Women! All the women!! I like femslash too!!

Cool, cool. Now, fandoms!

Fingerprints - Melinda Metz

I looooved these books when I was a kid. Adored them. It's such a goofy little series, with a goofy premise, but they spoke dearly and lovingly to my 13-year-old soul.

If your tastes are obscure enough to have been matched to me on this, then omg, we need to hug it out, first of all, and second of all, literally anything in this universe would make me happy. Anthony and Rae being blissfully happy and moving into a nice house and having beautiful babies together. Jesse and Amanda taking a semester off college and road tripping to all the National Parks in a rusty Geo they borrowed from Rae's dad. Yana and Rae learning how to be friends again and fighting the establishment together. Backstory on Rae's parents, or Rae's mom and Yana's mother, and how tragically beautiful their friendship must've been (!!!!). A character piece on Lea and/or Marcus and/or any of Rae's former "popular" friends that dropped her when she had her nervous breakdown. Seriously, anything.

I'm pretty easy as far as this fandom goes, just because I read this series when I was so young and I was so attached to the characters. Any of the canon pairings would be golden. Any backstory or futurefic about any of the characters: also golden.

If you need a refresher on canon: here's the first book (in .pdf file) on Dropbox. I might be able to track down the others for you if you want, just drop me an anon comment or contact me through the mods and I'll see what I can do. :)

That 70's Show
(Jackie Burkhart/Eric Forman)

I looooooove this pairing. I really, really do. I don't know why; sometimes I do this, I just latch on to some weird ship of two people who barely interact/don't like each other in the canon and I don't let go until I or someone else has died a bloody death. Plus there's just something about two characters that don't seem like they'd fit together at all - that just presses my buttons for some reason. (Plus the last season and how the Jackie/Hyde break up was handled...ugh. Maybe it's a resentful sort of shipping?)

So, obviously I'd love some shippy stuff about these two. If that's not your thing, I'd love fic about them becoming closer as friends as well! (Although I will ask that you don't include any explicit Jackie/Hyde; that's sort of my anti-ship.)

There's tons of places you could go with this - maybe an AU of the canon divergence sort, where Eric and Jackie are the ones to have an illicit affair the summer Kelso and Donna leave for California? Or an AU where they become friends early on, when they're still quite young? Or future-fic, while Eric is in Africa he starts up correspondence with Jackie? Or maybe they meet as adults in some random city and become friends?

I'm just really into the trope of the "mean girl," so lots of Jackie is great, and I've always liked in the later seasons, Eric isn't afraid to be mean to her right back. So pretty much anything you want to do including these two would be pretty cool.

Canon: the whole show's up on Netflix streaming, if you've got that, otherwise you can watch it on Project Free TV.

Eli Stone

I really loved this show. Like, a lot. I requested it for Yuletide last year, and you can take a look at my letter and requests for it if you'd like. (Sorry again about the exclamation points.)

Basically I'm just really into it. I'm into everybody. It's one of those shows that I don't really find very often, where I just really, really enjoy every aspect of it. I would love a character piece, a plotty fic, a shippy fic, backstory, really anything.

I love Grace and I really dig Grace/Eli. I really like the ideas in this article so if you want to run with any of those, I'm game. Nate and Eli's father is maybe my favorite aspect of the show, just because it's so... ugh, tragic and sad and awful. Eli becoming some kind of modern "prophet" is a really interesting idea that I like. Jordan is probably my favorite character. Um, what else - I really want more on Keith!! Like a fic about Keith and Jordan becoming mentor/mentee a la what Eli and Jordan have - want. Want a lot. Patti's history with Martin. Seriously, anything.

Canon: Again, it's on Netflix (not streaming though), and Project Free TV here.

Tin Man
(DG, Wyatt Cain)

I requested this one last year, too (and got something great for it!!), so feel free to take a look at my 2012 letter and go off of anything in there. I'm pretty predictable.

I requested Cain and DG specifically this time because that's my pairing (May/December romances \o/!) but I really do love all the nominated characters (all the characters, period), so if you want to include others, go for it.

Pretty much everything I said in my letter last year still stands - love future fic about the OZ, how DG adjusts to being a Princess and getting a surprise new family. What I would really love is fic about Cain and DG's relationship specifically - romantic or just friendship, whatever you want - and how they help each other navigate through a world that is, essentially, brand new to both of them. They were both separated from it for years and years, and I think they'd both benefit a lot from each other's companionship.

I love worldbuilding, too, and this is a great opportunity to do so, so if that's what you're into, go for it.

Canon: Netflix streaming, and Project Free TV (yay, piracy)

Return to Me

Wow, I was really pleasantly surprised to see this movie in the tag set this year! I've always, always loved it, it's one of my favorite movies ever.

One thing I really loved about this film was how genuine everybody was, which is what made it such a sweet, heartfelt story. Like, nobody has an agenda, really, they're just ordinary people who love their families and want to get the best out of life. And the funniest thing about this movie to me is that Grace and Bob is the sort of relationship I dream about, but Megan and Joe is the sort that I usually end up with (minus the, er, children), so guaranteed if you write anything about either couple, I'm probably gonna cry a little.

Maybe backstory on Bob and Elizabeth? Or Grace's parents? Fluffy fic about Bob and Grace getting married, honeymooning in Venice, idk. How did Megan and Joe meet? Family reunion time (omg, Grace's family is literally the best)! Whatever. Anything. Seriously. I love you.

Canon: Also on Netflix streaming, and er, maybe OV Guide? I haven't tried any of those links since I own the movie myself, but you could give it a shot.

Other Stuff
:: My AO3 / AO3 bookmarks (I'm the same username over there as here)
:: My Tumblr, if you're interested
:: My DW, and this is my LJ, obvs
:: Always feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions. My journal allows anon comments, or you can always go through the mods. If you have a sock email or something, my fandom email is moirariordan@gmail.com, so you can go that route as well. I'm an open book! Or something.

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